Prenatal Care Assistance

Prenatal Care Assistance

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Category: Women's Health

Prenatal Care Assistance
Provides support before, during and after your pregnancy

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Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP):
provides uninsured pregnant women with temporary medical coverage, and infants with medical coverage for up to one year after birth. Program services include: prenatal care, health education, nutritional assessment/counseling, lead assessment, Medicaid screenings, post-partum services, WIC referrals, smoking cessation, HIV/AIDS counseling, mental health services, domestic violence assessments/referrals, and legal service assessments/ referrals. Patients are referred to the program by their provider or a partnering community agency.

MCPC is a free comprehensive prenatal care program that provides high quality prenatal and postpartum care. Unisured, underinsured, and undocumented pregnant women are encouraged to apply.

MPCP offer Medication screening, assistance with Medicaid application complation, presumtive eligiblity determination, routine pregnancy check ups, an array of prenatal health care services up to two months after delivery, and coordination of care with a delivery hospital.

Remember early and regular prenatal care promotes a healthy pregnancy.

Centering Pregnancy:
This is patient-centered prenatal care program for pregnant women, that brings groups of 8-10 women who are all due at the same time out of exam rooms and into a comfortable group setting. Receiving care in this way allows members of the group to form lasting friendships and connect with their provider and one another in ways not possible in traditional care, and leads to greater knowledge, engagement and self-confidence for expecting moms.

The program follows the national model of 10 prenatal visits; each visit is 90 minutes to 120 minutes long, giving women ten times more time with their provider. Groups have flexible scheduling with plenty of time to explore health and wellness topics that fit the group's needs. Expecting moms engage in their care by taking their own weight and blood pressure and recording their own health data during private time with their provider for a belly check. Once health assessments are complete, the provider and program staff "circle-up" with moms for a facilitated discussion and interactive activities designed to address important and timely health topics while leaving room to discuss whatever is most important to the group. Handouts help moms and providers ensure that everything from nutrition, common discomforts, stress management, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and infant care are covered in group. BSFHC patients and providers who have participated in the program say "it's better care", and many women form lasting friendships through the program that extend long after their delivery.

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