FREE Pre-conception family planning

FREE Pre-conception family planning

Find out about FREE PROGRAMS designed to help you get and stay healthy. Our Special Programs are designed to give you FREE screenings, diagnostic tests and health education. Please review the list, and contact us if you have any questions. We have a lot of free literature for you to read about a variety of health issues. Please visit the center in Brooklyn and pick up your pamphlets today!

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FREE Pre-conception family planning
BSFHC provides free pre-conception family planning counseling, so you can discuss your options with a professional

BSFHC Main Office, Brooklyn
Main Office (718) 636-4500

We assist individuals and couples to understand their options in becoming parents for the first time, expanding their families or choosing to wait to become parents.

Please consider attending seminars and workshops to learn more about what to expect after your baby is born. Contact the office to find out the latest schedule.

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