Social Work Services

Social Work Services

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Social Work Services

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BSFHC provides Social Work Services to any patient who needs them. Life can be challenging, and sometimes we need help finding and accessing services to meet all our family's needs. Our Social Work staff will meet with you to discuss any service needs that you, your children, or other family members may have. Then we will work with you to make a detailed plan to coordinate the proper care and services to meet your family's needs. We will ensure that you receive to meet your needs. Referral service is available to a wide range of community partner organizations, for our patients who have financial, insurance, nutrition, food security, homecare, housing, developmental, educational, emotional, and other social service needs. We are here to help you access all of the services you need to provide for your family. Services include:

  • Individual and Supportive Family Counseling: Sometimes you may feel stressed due to various life circumstances and would like to speak with someone. Or you may need support in helping your child or an adult family member to make positive changes in their lives. Our individual and family supportive counseling enhances your ability to cope with your problems (e.g. stress from current medical condition, relationship problems), draw upon your strengths, and develop a resiliency plan to help you to overcome future challenges.
  • Advocacy: Sometimes it can be challenging or feel overwhelming to try and access services for the first time at other community agencies, and you need to feel like someone else has your back and can help you navigate a new path for the first time. Your service needs are to be met and should not be limited due to the language, physical, cognitive, or other limitations. Our Social Workers will advocate on your behalf to ensure proper treatment and services are delivered and received if appropriate, whether at BSFHC or an external community provider.
  • Applying for Benefits:Your access to health care is our top priority! If you are uninsured or underinsured, we can provide necessary assistance to help you obtain government medical insurance if you are eligible. We can also provide our patients with assistance applying for other government benefits as needed.
  • Crisis Intervention: BSFHC provides crisis intervention counseling to help patients cope with specific situations in their life that are causing them stress. The intervention is brief-lasting only a few weeks-and is not the same as therapy. Crisis Intervention can help patients to focus on how to resolve immediate situations to meet immediate needs for reducing stress, remaining safe, and developing coping skills for long term success.

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