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Special Programs

Find out about FREE PROGRAMS designed to help you get and stay healthy. Our Special Programs are designed to give you FREE screenings, diagnostic tests and health education. Please review the list, and contact us if you have any questions. We have a lot of free literature for you to read about a variety of health issues. Please visit the center in Brooklyn and pick up your pamphlets today!

Wellness Center

Department of Human Resources

The Wellness Center offers services to assist patients and support providers on specific needs of the HIV population in primary care within the health center.

The goals for the program are retention in care, which includes all aspects of the patient's health needs. We also make referrals and link patients to services not provided by the health center.

Also, we track and monitor patients for medical compliance at all levels, as well as meet with providers to discuss patient health and other needs that will retain a patient's care. Our staff also tries to address the patient's problems and concerns.

Health Education is another funded activity. Our Health Educator works with patients on self-efficacy, implements different levels on Diffusion of Effective Interventions, and prevention on risk behaviors for both positive and non- positive patients.

For 2012, Wellness patient enrollment was 103. There were 1,584 encounters for Wellness staff, and 424 visits for primary care staff.

Other Programs

  • Many programs sponsored by The City of New York and other organizations are supported by BSFHC. Please be sure to stop by the Center at 1456 Fulton Street to find out what is going on.
  • BSFHC offers workshops and classes on a regular basis. We will post the schedule of these events within the CALENDAR section of this website. Click the calendar to see our current programs, and print out a copy for easy reference.
  • Help for the family? Often these programs and workshops include family members. We encourage all patients to bring along their friends and family ... and get everybody healthy!