Diabetes Prevention Program

Diabetes Prevention Program

The Wipe Out Diabetes With Prevention Program is based on the Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) by the American Diabetes Association. c. This program provides ongoing prevention services for patients at high risk for developing diabetes and hypertension, as well as care coordination for patients with chronic diabetes and hypertension. Through patient engagement, motivational interviewing, patient navigation, nutritional counseling, and exercise classes, serious complications and hospitalizations are avoided.

The program revolves around an ongoing series of patient education workshops that teach patients how to manage their disease. Each class is two hours and includes facilitated discussion and light exercise. Twice a month, we also offer simple food preparation demonstrations and socialization to help patients understand and manage their diabetes more effectively. Patients are encouraged to set realistic individual goals.

f. Workshops are participatory and fun. Many patients like them so much they attend after finishing the course, because of lasting friendships and community. Long term participants stay on track and achieve their goals. Making changes takes time, skills, and support. Workshops focus on topics such as: disease management; healthy eating; stress management; how to make small, incremental fun changes; how to take medications properly, and how to deal with family and cultural situations that can sometimes lead to overeating and unhealthy decisions. Discussions are in lay terms, not clinical, that meet you where you are to engage you and help you to plan your healthy life.

For more information about this program, contact on the following information:
Diabetes Patient Counseling

Check out our Wipe Out Diabetes Free Exercise Class
Ms Enid Knight, Chronic Care Manager
Date: Every Monday, 10:30 am ~ 12:30 pm, Every Friday, 2:30 am ~ 06:30 pm
Venue:Community Center, Bedford Stuyvesant Family Health Center, Brooklyn NY
This program is funded by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Council Member Cornegy

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Enid Knight Care Manager
BSFHC Main Office
1456 Fulton Street, Brooklyn
(718) 443-2428