Diabetes Awareness Week

What is happening

The opening to mini museum at the Bedford Stuyvesant Family Health Center was amazing ...

The day was dedicated to my sister Cecila, who fought the battle... and to those who Continue to fight this disease. Many who came to the exhibit shared someone’s story or shared their personal story about diabetes. We can all agree to wipe out Diabetes but first we must be aware of what tools are needed. #self management. Diabetes is not a death sentence, it’s a full statement which says, life style change is most important. The guideline for self management is available, and those who have the dis-ease should take full advantage of all the available tools . #itsnotatouchofsugar.

Diabetes can be wiped out with education, nutrition ,exercise, and medication. Trust self management is first and with that said I am extremely tired but also extremely thankful to all the hands that made this possible. Thank you to our CEO, CMO, staff (nurses , health coaches & medical assistants) the volunteers , the pharmacy and the insurance companies who support the cause and our vision at the center. The exhibit would not of been made possible with out -Team work ! Please join us on Monday’s at 10:30 and learn how to wipeout “Diabetes” with education and self management skills...

The exhibit will be running until Dec 7th. From 10am -4PM. Please Come get your A1c taken if you are not in the know... listen up community, being informed makes U Knowledgeable, and with that said, you can be in control!!

The center is comprehensive and we look forward to serving you!!! The location is @ 1456 Fulton street. BK- “We can and will get you in the know when it comes to “Diabetes”

I like to share a special thanks to some wonderful people.... Ms. Mica MJ, Dee Bailey, MoniqueB, my cohost-Nancy #hello...Colette from (Afrezza) (Charmaine Aberdeen and Ms.Valerie) #cookingDemos) The nursing students from LIU, Iman P. and our dynamic exercise instructor Mr Livingston Kelly. Also a warm thank you to Quick RX, Rite Choice pharmacies, Affinity insurance #Ana! And last but not lease- all the participants and guests that stopped by.

Ms Enid Knight, Organiser

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