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Find out about FREE PROGRAMS designed to help you get and stay healthy. Our Special Programs are designed to give you FREE screenings, diagnostic tests and health education. Please review the list, and contact us if you have any questions. We have a lot of free literature for you to read about a variety of health issues. Please visit the center in Brooklyn and pick up your pamphlets today!

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Women's Health

Healthy Families Successful Start
Open every day the center is open

BSFHC Main Office, Brooklyn
Main Office (718) 636-4500 info@bsfhc.org

Healthy Families/Successful Start (HFSS) program is a free, voluntary, home visitation program for new parents that promotes child growth and development by empowering parents to become independent and self-sufficient in meeting the needs of their families. Services include: one-to-one home visitation support, referrals to community resources, health screenings, perinatal depression screening, health education classes, monthly parent support groups, and fatherhood support groups. All HFSS services are designed to help new parents to develop new skills and create a healthy and nurturing home environment for their children to develop and grow.

This program is open to first-time parents as well as parents with multiple children who live in Bedford-Stuyvesant and North Crown Heights. The child must be under three months of age (anywhere from prenatal to 3 months) when services are initiated. Services are provided to families beginning on a weekly basis and then gradually decrease over time until the child starts school or enters a Head Start program. This free research-based program has been proven to improve birth outcomes, enhance child safety, promote success in school, and strengthen families by helping parents to develop positive parenting skills.

Give your family a Successful Start!
Successful Start is a FREE program that provides parents with supportive services and education relating to childbirth and parenting. This home visiting service facilitates a healthy environment for children to develop and grow... and to empower parents to become independent and self sufficient in meeting the needs of their families.

Who can apply?
Families who live in Zip Code 11216 and have a child under 3 months of age.

How do I apply?
Complete the form and return it to the person who gave it to you. You can also call Successful Start and speak to a Family Assessment Worker. (347) 464-6590.

Ms. Keisha Andrews is the Program Director of this free, voluntary home visitation program that provides services to expectant and new birth parents residing in Zip Code 11216. The program focuses on parenting skills, the promotion of optimal child health and development, and on assisting parents with their goals.